The 2014 Range Rover Sport is the most dynamic and responsive Range Rover yet, a high-performance vehicle much closer to a racecar than an SUV. To launch the vehicle, we developed Race the Sun, an interactive suspense film that lets viewers join a mysterious figure on a high-speed race against time.

 At key points, the film switches to game mode, and viewers take the wheel of the Sport in a series of driving challenges that accompany the action in the film. Players can either use their keyboards or sync their smartphones to the experience, turning it into a game controller and taking the experience to a whole new level. At the end players can share their results or configure their ideal Sport in a full 360° configurator


Assets captured and produced for the film were used throughout an online advertising  campaign that included standard and rich media banners, multiple homepage takeovers, mobile ads, media partnerships and social media. The most innovative were expandable banners that held one of the films' driving games.





Customer retention is a huge challenge in the luxury automotive category, where each year manufacturers roll out ever-more dazzling vehicles that cater to their demanding and discriminating audiences. To help retain current owners, we needed a CRM program that would rekindle the excitement and emotional connection that led to their purchase, while informing them of the advancements made by the brand since.

 “Uncommon” is a storytelling platform that spotlights current Land Rover owners who lead remarkable, unconventional lives that the brand is an intrinsic part of. Woven throughout the owner stories are product stories highlighting just a few of the standard-setting details of these extraordinary vehicles.


The program is composed of a series of direct mail and email touches that drive to an immersive, experiential website. The first direct mail piece contains a webkey which launches the website when inserted into a computer. Because each webkey is unique to the recipient, the entire CRM program becomes customized to the individual owner from first use. Subsequent direct mail pieces deliver information about the vehicles in a delightful, endlessly unfolding format. 

On, fascinating Land Rover owners share their thoughts on what the brand means to them and how their vehicles help them in their daily lives. Supplementing these stories are the voices of the designers, engineers and craftspeople devoted to creating these exceptional vehicles. Told through video, photography and text and delivered in a parallax scroll that invites exploration, these stories inspire, inform and remind Land Rover owners why they love the brand.



The Next Generation Range Rover, only the 4th iteration since its launch in 1970, is the flagship vehicle from this storied British automobile maker. In addition to its uncompromising luxury and exquisite craftsmanship, the Range Rover was re-engineered from the ground up to be the most capable vehicle off road as well. Showcasing both aspects of these amazing vehicles was a core objective of our launch campaign.

A centerpiece of our launch efforts is The Trail Less Travelled app, an immersive experience that lets viewers watch the Range Rover take on a challenging off-road course. The viewers can switch between four viewing angles at any time, as well as access interactive content highlighting many aspects of this iconic vehicle.


In what may have been a first, this expandable banner delivered an impressive amount of video and other content in a unique parallax experience.


The Elements of a Modern Legend iAd delivered content about the Range Rover through a construct and navigation inspired by the periodic table. Packed with content that highlighted the refined design, impressive off-road capabilities and even an X-ray look at the aluminum construction, this iAd won multiple awards since its launch.




We created this stop-motion animation to celebrate reaching one million fans on Facebook. Illustrated almost entirely with user-submitted photos and stories, the video acknowledges and thanks Land Rover’s fans for their continued participation and loyalty to the brand.