How do you create news, add surprise and an undeniable wow factor to one of the biggest and best-loved candies on the planet? The folks at Mars did just that, introducing an edible technology that lets anyone customize M&M's with personalized messages and even their own image.

Educating consumers about this amazing technology, and providing them with ideas and usage suggestions, served as the springboard for a wide range of marketing activities across multiple channels.




Created in partnership with Oddcast, this multiple-award-winning viral experience was part of the launch efforts that let the public know about this new technology. Users could upload their image, enter a message, select a soundtrack and then send a personal greeting to friends.




Valentine's Day is one the biggest days of the year for chocolate gifts, and we drove the biggest Valentine's ever for MyM&M's. Rich Media and standard ad units and an email blitz promoted the personalized candies, and even offered sweet message suggestions for tongue-tied Romeos.