My relevant category experience building websites for Campbell’s Kitchen, Pepperidge Farms, Prego and other brands came in handy when tackling the Barilla site. The homepage animations inspired visitors with engaging imagery and seasonal recipes.




A clean, modular layout and consistent color palette of Barilla blue, white and red kept the focus on the recipes and food imagery. Demystifying the hundreds of pasta types available was an extremely important part of the redesign: a comprehensive sorting tool made it easy for consumers to find a pasta type and relevant recipes.




Developed for the global Barilla team, this animation extols the promise of the brand.




Modern life is hectic – with commitments to work, errands and family, it’s all too easy for women to forget to take care of themselves. So, we launched Wasa Recharge, a fun social program designed to support and encourage women to take a short afternoon break to refuel their bodies and minds.

 Components included Wasa recipes, tips, polls and offers distributed through email, an iPhone app and Facebook pages. 





What does it mean to emulate the Italian lifestyle? That was the question I needed to answer when faced with an RFP from the Italian food giant.

I led my team to create a platform idea that would ground the creative and resonate with an authentic message from the brand. "Great Food Brings Us Together" states the open secret Italians know:  that enjoying quality time with friends and family over good food leads to more meaningful relationships and a more satisfying life.

Unbeknownst to me, the brand was in the early planning stages of a new program that would promote family mealtime as the way to build deeper bonds. In perfect serendipity, this pitch creative brought their "Share the Table" concept to life, and we left the pitch with the business in hand.